, the Grey Forest Galleries - Custom Fantasy Art by International Artist Michel Savage. Creator of the Faerylands, Atlantis, and Erotic Art nude Elvenborn series, 8x10 & 5x7 prints available for sale, custom digital hand painted portraits by Featured international fantasy cover artist for Heavy Metal fantasy illustrated magazine, award winning Fairy Artist awarded by Brian Froud & the world of Froud, licensed in the UK London England, Published Science Fiction Author & Artist of the USA is now located in Oregon, home of the Faerieworlds Festival. Signed concept art sketches and full color original Fairy art and Mermaid art, siren, fay, Elves, Water Nymph, Jasmine, Unicorns, enchanted woods, fairy rings, pan, labyrinth, wood elf, forest elves, pixie girl, dungeons, Gaia, mother nature, ents, tree people, gothic vampires, centaurs, Tolkien, Warriors, Knights, legends, beautiful, faerie maidens, gnomes, forgotten realms, ancient gods, dark druids, the Drow, goblins, gryphons, sphinx, manticores, pegasus, evil witches, wicca magic, folklore, devils, fire demons, angels, leprechauns, dragons, sea serpents & mythical creatures, enchanted woods, UFO, alien worlds, and creator of Science fiction novels and book covers & illustrations, Mystic Moon, Hellbot - Battle Planet. Professional modeling photographer for personal portfolios in the industry.

Faerylands fantasy fine artwork and novel series by Michel Savage
Atlantis mermaid art series by artist Michel Savage
Novels and Gifts books by author Michel Savage
Original Concept art by Artist Michel Savage fine art nudes for sale
Elvenborn fantasy art series of Elves and Nature by artist Michel Savage

Faerylands® The Elvenborn by Michel Savage • All Rights Reserved © 1992 The Grey Forest


Sorrowblade Faerylands 3 novel third edition by Michel Savage Amazon Kindle e-book
The Grey Forest Faerylands 1 novel third edition by Michel Savage Amazon Kindle e-book
Soulstorm Keep Faerylands 2 novel third edition by Michel Savage Amazon Kindle e-book
shoppingcart fine art gifts & novels by Michel Savage Faerylands series
Faerylands warrior women series battle mage elven sorceress
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